Opening on Thursday night: Marx at Goodman and Wilsenach at Circa

Marx’s exhibition Lessons in looking down opens at the Goodman Gallery on Thursday evening at the Goodman Gallery.   The exhibition takes its name from a chapter in Jules Verne’s book A Journey to the Centre of the Earth.  Verne’s two geologists discover a potential route into the centre of the Earth, and Verne has them prepare for their descent by taking ‘lessons in looking down’. They imagine what is below the earth’s surface in the same way that  Marx, in disruptive evocative and poetic ways, explores the notion of  ‘seeing’ what is normally not visible to the naked eye.  The exhibition closes on the 21st December.

bercoAnd opening at Circa on Thursday evening  is Berco Wilsenach’s  Written in the Stars III . Also questioning the role of vision but instead of looking down onto and into the Earth’s surface, Wilsenach looks outward to space and the stars.  Written in the Stars (the first of 3 exhibitions by this name) is described  on Wilsenach’s website:

Wilsenach’s massive installation ‘Written in the stars’ forms a key part of a larger body of sculptural works. It is comprised of a series of glass panels shimmering in mid-air, lit from within and sand blasted with precisely plotted sectors of the visible night sky. Not only are these star maps presented as a tactile experience, but the necessary information is also written in Braille. This limits the experience for the sighted viewer, who can see the stars but only for their superficial beauty. The blind person has a more informative experience but cannot totally grasp the visual impact of the night sky. Both the blind and the sighted therefore remain in the dark.  

This exhibition also runs until 21st December.  

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Gerhard Marx’s exhibition opens at Goodman Gallery Parkwood on Thursday

Marx's large scale mosaic wall depicting an aerial view of Joburg. Photo courtesy

Marx’s large scale mosaic wall depicting an aerial view of Joburg.  Photo: courtesy


Detail: image courtesy of Archithoughts

Detail: Photo: courtesy Archithoughts

Remember that extraordinary work at the Joburg Art Fair – Gerhard Marx’s mosaic wall depicting an aerial view of a section of Joburg Central.  A Tour de Force  technically, conceptually and aesthetically.  Now Marx’s exhibition entitled Lessons in looking down  which explores the same issues, opens at the Goodman Gallery on Thursday 14th November and runs until 21st December.


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Liz at Lancaster’s Pick of the Week: Enjoy the last of the jacarandas with a walk through Westcliff

Westcliff Nov 2013



Speak to many Jozi-ites and you will hear a common refrain of how beautiful the leafy suburbs are at the moment.  Wonderful warm weather, luscious sparkling green gardens and parks, the white cotton- wool clouds scudding across high crystal blue skies that are so particular to the Highveld,  all make for a lighter spirit.    And perhaps because we haven’t had incessant rain storms and no severe wind or hail, the jacarandas are particularly splendid this year.  On Sunday morning I walked with 2 friends, braving 3 sets of the stone steps in Westcliff.  While mere mortals like us puff and pant our way up at a slow steady pace, others scamper up and down in training for climbing Mount Killie.  Yesterday we chatted to a young woman who had returned from climbing up to Machu Pichu.  To keep her fitness level up, she had just done a cool 8 sets up and down with a further 2 sets to go !


Westcliff steps





Despite our rather more sedate ascent our reward was the view from the top of the steps.

Nov 2103 Munro Drive 2





And if you want to get a really glorious view of the purple splashes over the Joburg’s northern Parks suburbs , take a drive up to the top of Munro Drive.

There is probably a couple of weeks left before the jacaranda blossoms finally fade. So my pick of the week is to get out there and climb to a vantage point where you can see their glorious display. It is so worth it !


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